Okay, I’ll admit it – I have little to no patience. Yes, I wrote an article warning against the dangers of tinkering with your team too much (and I stand by it, and I really truly honestly hopefully wish Joe Maddon would read that article and apply it to his real life managing, but, alas…) lest you end up fighting to escape the Fantasy Baseball basement. I have to admit it, though, I must – I tinker. There, I said it. I am guilty of tinkering. But you know what? Sometimes, dear reader, tinkering is the right thing to do when it comes to the management of your team and your investment within.

There is a difference, however, between cutting and picking up players off the waiver list like they have discounted rib eyes at Kroger, and making astute calls regarding players that just aren’t making the grade. The very best fantasy bosses seem to have a knack for when to make moves and when to stick to their guns (see 2018, Paul Goldschmidt for proof of how we can all overreact). So how do we, the common and plebes, know when to click that mouse and strip away our foremost disappointing and deplorable (apologies to HRC for stealing her favorite pet word)? The simple answer is this – you don’t really ever know. Sorry. I don’t have a golden scepter to wave or the Dalai Lama’s profound words to share regarding our collective angst. Frankly, you just have to follow your instincts. Yeah, sorry, I wish I had Harry’s magic wand so – I wouldn’t be writing this article if I did, I’ll tell you that! Sorry – In other words, nobody really knows – not even the so-called experts.

With the 2019 season underway and questions already swirling as to who to ditch RIGHT NOW (dang you to mergatoid, Hunter Strickland, ugh!!!!!!!!!), here is my list of five players that I am not going to bet on should they roll out of the chute rather slowly. Next time I will take a look at players that are desirable to be scooped up before others catch on to their value, but for now, here are the ones I would swipe left on quicker than a picture of Cher sucking on a raw lemon at a picnic in Tuscaloosa in August:

Jonathan Schoop, 2B/SS, Minnesota Twins – I am a believer in Schoop’s ability to bounce back stronger than a 25 cent big red rubber bouncy ball, I am – but I won’t fall in to the trap of banking on his pre-Brewer-trade numbers due to the belief that Minnesota is for real and wants to win this season. Hence, a .210/3 HR/5 RBI April isn’t going to play in the Twin Cities, folks.

Jay Bruce, 1B/OF, Seattle Mariners – Going into 2019 I am a proponent of the former Met stalwart, so full admission there. That said, if he struggles for the first couple of weeks in the great Northwest, I would cast him aside quicker than a lure flying off of a rookie fly fisherman’s effort.

Paul DeJong, SS, St. Louis Cardinals – Dude can flat out hit, but on a team that is going to be knee-deep in a battle with the rest of the NL Central from the absolute beginning of the season (17 games played versus divisional opponents before the end of April, including 10 – TEN!!! – against their biggest challengers for supremacy (thanks so much, Joe Maddon…), if his bat falters the Cards will have to look for a better defensive option moving forward into the summer months.

Kenley Jansen, RP, Los Angeles Dodgers – Wait, what? Cut Kenley? Am crazy??? Well, maybe, that can be argued in court, but no, don’t cut him if he falters – trade him. Ahhhh, the trade….a lost art in Fantasy Baseball in my opinion, but definitely an option to be sure. Look – Jansen is a beast, he is the best – if healthy and whole. But c’mon, he’s had two heart procedures, and if he isn’t the pitcher he used to be, well, it is better to move on than hope that this Tin Man finds Oz.

Carlos Correa, SS, Houston Astros – Have you ever had a toothache? You know, if you have, that it sucks hardcore. It literally stops you in your tracks; you can’t focus on anything. Now imagine a toothache in your back – like, for real. An ache that stops your entire body from doing anything other than writing in pain while praying for a hit of relief. Now imagine that you are a major league Shortstop with said pain in your said back…. If this youngster returns and shows a hitch in his giddyup, I am trading him faster than Enron stock has gone wrong circa October 2001.

There are countless other players worthy of mention to keep an eye on, but as much as I am ready to move on the above, I still urge patience overall, dear reader – if you trusted the player in a draft, give them a shot to prove you right. I mean, after all, we all need a little vindication in this crazy world, right? Well, unless you are the 2018 version of Byron Buxton or Miguel Sano, I guess… Anyway, best of luck! 


Questions? Comments? Hit me up via email at mditon.edwards@gmail.com, or on Facebook (search Michael Diton-Edwards)…I am not a fan of twitter and social media, so I am happy to converse via the tried and true landscape of email or Messenger. Oh, and should you need advice on how to fix that pesky household appliance, give a shout out to Wrigley Field and the home team’s dugout boss, dear Joseph John – I hear he is a master at trying to mess with anything and everything so he may have some guidance to share.

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