TGIF! That doesn’t mean Thank Goodness It’s Football…does it? Well, if last night and tonight are any indications, you’d sure think so. There were three preseason games last night, and we’re looking at five more games tonight. Then on Saturday, we have seven more, followed by the final game on Sunday night.

So the real question is, should you really sit around and waste your entire weekend watching football?

I’ll pause for a moment so you can pick yourself up off the floor as I’m sure you weren’t expecting me to write that!

The truth is, if you have nothing to do and have already seen the latest Mission Impossible movie, then I’d watch a few games while drafting a best ball league. Otherwise, enjoy one of the last few weekends of the summer, because let’s face it, there are other ways to get research from this weekend’s games.

With only two weekends left in August, now is the time to check out the NFL Game Pass. They’re currently running a 7-day FREE trial, which is great for your first time, and the cost is only $99 for the year. What I like about this service is it plays the previous games, in their entirety, commercial free and restarts each play at the snap count. This gives you the quicker visual view than even a live game. Sure, you already know the outcome of the game, but this enables you to review each play up close, with no distractions. It is great to watch your favorite team play each weekend, but for a lot of people, it’s hard to watch every game, every weekend. The NFL Game Pass allows you to still watch all the out of market games while enjoying the weekends NFL Redzone and your favorite live local broadcast game.

So, do we really think that everyone is watching ALL the games each weekend? I’d bet that most of the time people aren’t watching all the games each weekend. Rather, they rely on broadcast radio, satellite radio, news reports, and the box scores each week.

Here’s a secret that most people don’t talk about each season….Only a handful of broadcasters actually watch every game, every weekend. That means, that you might be getting your information from broadcasters that aren’t even watching the games! Instead, they are just using local reports and box scores. If you don’t have the time to watch every game, wouldn’t you rather get it from someone that actually analysis’ every game?

I know that when I don’t have time to watch every game, I get my football information from @Fantasy_Guru, @Jeff_Mans, @caplannfl, and @gregcosell. Who am I kidding, even if I have the time to watch every game, I still like to get their insight from the previous weekend?

If you’re still watching your favorite baseball team in the playoff hunt. Or, if your fantasy team is in the playoff hunt. Be sure to continue to check out these skilled individuals for their expertise in MLB, @LennyMelnick, @rotolady, @CraigMisch, and @jimbowdenGM. Then every morning Monday-Friday, be sure to go to Lenny Melnick Fantasy Sports for the recap of every game from the previous night. There’s also a great message board to talk with fans similar to you in the industry.

That’s it! I hope you were able to take in a few new ideas on how to improve your game review for this upcoming season, while still having a life outside of fantasy sports. Enjoy your weekend, and we’ll talk to you on Monday!

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